During the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic, our personal services are closed and will remain so until the restrictions here in California have been removed.  Thank you for your understanding.

After spending several years chasing the light in northern Utah and the intermountain west, we have returned to the north coast of California, intent on photographing the majestic Redwoods and the ever changing Pacific Coast.  I’ve learned that photo opportunities abound here, with weather contributing to variations of light and mood, and producing unique presentations of flora and fauna.  Primary locations include the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, and the Redwood National Park.  Each provides challenges and opportunities a bit different from the others.  Then there is the shoreline, from the Klamath River estuary to the southern Oregon headlands.  You really can’t miss getting memorable photos here.


Most locations are readily available via personal vehicle and minimal hiking effort.  We spend our mornings and evenings together in the wild, capturing images, while in-between times are reserved for viewing our work and discussing what we can do to improve our image making abilities.  Though I can’t guarantee the quality of light we’ll get, the Redwoods don’t need much to look wonderful.  I’m happy to provide my experience with technique in helping others, but it is essential that you understand your equipment and how it works before joining us.  I encourage DSLR’s and a selection of interchangeable lenses, though cell phone cameras are becoming exceptional.  I’ll leave that up to you.  

My workshops are limited to 8 participants, are 4 days in length, and include 7 photo sessions.  We begin on Monday evening with dinner and an overview of our itinerary.  I’ll also attempt to answer any questions by participants.  We conclude after an abbreviated morning session on Friday.  We’ll be out very early each morning Tuesday through Friday, and return for lunch and relaxation while we review.  We’ll be leaving for evening and sunset photography locations between 3 and 5 PM Tuesday through Thursday, and return well after dark.  On Friday morning we will return by 9 AM to allow you time to close your accommodations.  My workshops include 4 nights lodging, with some type of breakfast included, and prepared dinners in the field.  Lunch is on your personal time.  If you have any dietary restrictions we need to know in advance of the workshop.

Cost = $1850/participant.

Day Rates

I am available for individual and small group sessions on shorter time schedules.  My day rate is $400/person, and includes my time, selected locations, and instruction as needed. We will work in a manner similar to my workshops, and you will experience a very full day.  These are limited to no more than 1-3 participants.